So I ordered a computer through The description of the item said: "In Stock: Usually ships next business day." If you click on the explanation of what that means, it says: "This is an estimate only and means that will ship the product as soon as we confirm that stock is available and your order is processed.". I expected this order processing to be in "real time", like a few seconds or a couple of minutes like every retail site in the Internet.

Long story short, what means is that in 5 (five) days they will send you an email, then you have to call them and they charge you and in two days they ship the product. In over seven years of buying stuff in the internet I've never seen anything like this (what's next, having to show up at their HQs with two official IDs before they confirm your order?).

In the meantime, emails to customer support went unanswered, and their people in their call center ranged from the clueless to the rude. One even made up that my product wasn't in stock when I ordered.

I even tried to pick up the item in my local BestBuy (it wasn't available when I ordered online and then became available) but after spending one hour in the store talking to their reps they wouldn't let me because they didn't want to honor the promotion that had a few days before, or more exactly, they would honor it if I bought a $300 or so extended warranty (yeah sure, and the undercar coating too please).

And this wasn't the first time that I buy in (masochist), some months ago I ordered a digital camera that arrived dead.

Note to self: do not buy from